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Filtration Systems

Filtration systems for any marine or terrestrial engine or plant

Filtration Systems

Filtration systems are essential to ensure the correct operation and extend the useful life of any engine or industrial plant, marine or terrestrial. HPS has a long experience in this field and in its large warehouse offers filters of all kinds: air filters, oil filters, diesel filters, and so on.

Filtration systems: diesel filters – From July 1st 2009 in Italy the mineral oil is mixed up to 7% with biodiesel obtained by refining and treating vegetable oils and animal fats. Being of a biological nature, biodiesel houses colonies of micro organisms called Gas Oil Algae that damage the tanks and compromise the engine performance, unless proper prevention, filtration and decontamination work has been done. The algae of diesel oil in fact reproduce quickly and to do so they need nourishment that they absorb from the water that they generate directly from the diesel fuel, after having made it hygroscopic, or able to absorb the humidity of the air in the tank as if it were a sponge. As is obvious, a "watered down" diesel fuel is not at all ideal for engine performance, but the harmfulness of the diesel algae is not limited to this. In fact, since they also feed on metals, they cause corrosion to tanks, cisterns and to the internal parts of any engine; they also feed on diesel oil, which causes the loss of the combustible properties of the fuel. Finally, their rapid and uncontrolled proliferation can even clog the filters and plug injectors or other engine components.

This is why, in order to preserve engine health, efficiency of production processes on shipyards and the safety of boat navigation, it is best to contact HPS experts who will be able to identify the most effective filtration system every time, and to recommend also suitable anti-algae additives, improving the efficiency of your engines, reducing costs and risks of breakage or damage.