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A new season is approaching for Max Racing, the Off Shore racing team HPS is sponsoring.

We interviewed the driver and team leader Massimiliano Bertolucci, who in his palmares has an Endurance World Champion title (2013), an Italian Endurance Champion title (2009) and three second places in the European Endurance and Offshore Championships (2015, 2012 and 2003).

Massimo, tell us about the partnership with HPS. When was it born?

It can be said that the partnership between HPS and Max Racing goes back to the origins of our history. I am a boat builder and my team is based on the foundations of a specialized mechanical workshop, of which HPS has always been a trusted supplier. We had chosen HPS because it gave us good, quality parts at fair prices.
From this relationship of professional esteem was born also a personal relationship with Cesare Buttari, the founder of HPS. So when we decided to launch the Max Racing team, having HPS as a sponsor was almost natural for both of us. And all the greatest successes we have achieved, we have gathered them together!

How important is HPS for Max Racing?

Surely it is very important, not also for financial support as it would be for any sponsor. In reality, behind the sponsorship there is also a technological partnership: having HPS behind us assures us the certainty of always having the right spare for every eventuality. This is exactly in line with the spirit and strategy of HPS, which in the competitions brings to the highest level what it does every day for the yachtsman, with the same care and attention. I am an excellent witness because, being both a runner and a boat builder, I see the quality of HPS support on both fronts.

And how important is Max Racing for HPS?

We strive to be as important as possible for them. In fact, the races represent a moment of intersection of interests for HPS, because we race in places where they supply spare parts both on the racing side and on the nautical yachting or professional branch. Then HPS is known in every port, so wherever you go to compete, with HPS you play at home.

Where is the HPS logo visible?

HPS Logo is put in greater visibility positions; on the hull, on the sides and on the deck. It is also shown on the crew’s suit and on the team truck, as well as on our website.

What are the plans for 2019?

We are awaiting the release of the final calendars by the Federation, but the most important appointment is definitely the European Championship that will run in Trieste, predictably in August. It is the only title still lack to our team. We have “touched” it three times and this year we really want to conquer it.

Always together with HPS?